Junior Golf

I must admit that my favourite students are the Juniors! Constantly I am trying to figure out how to make the junior training more fun but at the same time make the learning process the best and most effective. I am a certified TPI Level III Junior Coach and a “J+S Golf Expert” in Switzerland.

For the ASG (Association Suisse de Golf) I am in charge of a "Regional Team U14" as the coach. I look after the region "North" and absolutely love my work with the youngsters. During the winter months we have golf training once a week and during the season I see them every two weeks.  


Together with the ASG (Association Suisse de Golf) I have a published a parent’s brochure in German and in French.

Beste Golf-Eltern

  • Beste Golf-Eltern 
  • Golf – comment soutenir mon enfant

If you are interested to receive a copy please email the ASG ( directly.